Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird Lessons To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 Quiz

To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 Quiz

To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 Quiz

Part 1 Short Answer (1 mk. each)

You do not have to use complete sentences.

  1. Who comes to visit from Meridian Miss. and becomes friends with Scout and Jem?
  2. What happens to Burris Ewell on the ftrst day of school?
  3. What does Jem leave behind the night he is scared away from the Radley house?
  4. Who does Scout invite to lunch on her first day of school?
  5. Why do the children stop receiving the gifts in the tree from Arthur Radley?
  6. What do Jem and Scout get for Christmas that Atticus disapproves of?
  7. Towards the end of Part 1, Jem gets into trouble with Mrs. Dubose.
  • What did Jem do to get into trouble with her?
  • What is his punishment?
  • What does Atticus mean when he says she “died free”?

Part 2 True/False (1 mk. each)

  1. The name Haverford meant jackass in Maycomb.
  2. Caledonia is a servant in the Finch home.
  3. Charles Baker Harris is aka Judge Harris.
  4. Atticus said Mrs. Dubose was the “bravest lady who ever lived.” .
  5. Maudie Atkinson’s house was destroyed by the KKK
  6. Atticus volunteers to defend Tom Robinson.
  7. The children found a Civil War medal in the tree.
  8. Stephanie Crawford is a town gossip.

Part 3 Longer Answer (3 mks. each)

Answer in 3-5 sentences each.

  1. Why is it “a sin to kill a mockingbird?”
  2. Identify two people in the novel who are mockingbirds, and explain why.
  3. Why does Atticus disapprove of guns?

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