Mockingbird E-Zine

In this project for To Kill a Mockingbird, students work in groups to create E-Zines related to the novel.

It is a great way to end a your To Kill a Mockingbird unit.


The goal of this project is for you to gain knowledge about a topic and to share’ that knowledge on the Internet.

What To Do

  1. Form a group of 3.
  2. Choose a topic for your e-zine (see the list below).
  3. Learn how to evaluate websites (find useful and reliable information).
  4. Decide the components of your e-zine.
  5. Research your topic using electronic and print sources. Make notes and record your research reflections.
  6. Prepare an individual bibliography.
  7. Take responsibility for the various components of the e-zine. Each person must write at least one longer article.
  8. Write and carefully edit your articles.
  9. Create your e-zine and post it as a web page.
  10. Presentation and viewing.


  • Racial discrimination
  • Discrimination by age
  • Parenting
  • Issues involving the family
  • Education
  • Justice system -Young offenders
  • Legal system -Then and Now
  • Growing Up
  • Establishing your own identity
  • Poverty and the homeless

Components Required

  • Editorial (expresses your informed opinion)
  • Feature article (reflects your research)
  • Novel commentary (assesses how worthwhile the novel is in helping a reader understand your group’s issue)

Optional Components (select 3)

    • Original drawing or cartoon related to your issue
    • Top Ten List
    • Recommended movies on the topic (with a short annotation)
    • Recommended songs on the topic (with a short annotation)
    • Recommended reading on the topic (with a short annotation)
    • Original poetry
    • Published poetry

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  1. How do the students post their e-zine as a webpage? I could use a little more detail on this part of the process. I do love this idea though, and I’m hoping to find a way to use it in my To Kill a Mockingbird unit – I’m just not very internet savvy. Thanks.

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